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You can sit alone at home and type out all the e-books you could ever want or need for whatever purpose you create them. You could launch your career as a best-selling novelist or book your days completely solid doing root canals as a successful dentist.

But nothing is ever going to happen until you get started. It’s been my observation, and it’s a common one among teachers and facilitators from grade schools to corporate trainers all over the world that sitting around learning something doesn’t do much good until you use what you learn. It’s all about doing something.

information marketing motivation keys

If you are struggling to get started doing something, the key is to find some motivation in a group setting.

If you are struggling to get started doing something, the key is to find some motivation in a group setting. It’s always been true, but at no time in history has it been more true than today.

Most of us are sitting around working on our computer or tablet device and we are usually alone. Maybe we are in a cubicle in an office or maybe we are in a lawn chair on our back deck, but we are often working solo.

It’s just difficult to get worked up into a lather of excitement about creating information products without some human interaction with other people.  Naturally, it’s good to find others who are also excited about creating their own products now. That’s the commonality that gets us all motivated.

I am constantly amazed at how my clients are able to inspire each other when they interact on our weekly webinars.  Listen to us motivating each other and get some motivation for yourself. Hey, leave us a comment, too!

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