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Photo Editing To Enhance Information Products

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I’ve mentioned the importance of photos to capture attention now. Whether you are posting on Facebook, sending an email or posting on a photo site such as Pinterest.

Copywriter Demian Farnworth has an enviable blog, and he is well-known for his awesome photos at the top of every post. So, his comments on photo editing to enhance information products are well-taken:

“We live in an image based culture. We have since the late 18th century with the invention of the daguerreotype (early camera), which loosened the grip the printed word had held on us since the invention of the press (early 1600s).

You can see this history played out on a small time scale with the invention of the web. Words were the dominate form of communication in the early days. Over time technology changed so images and video became the main vehicles of information.”

info marketing photo editing

Photo Editing To Enhance Information Products

Farnworth’s list of personal favorite sites to harvest photos (with or without photo credits, as required) was much longer than this one, but this list of photo-editing sites caught my eye:

“You need to doctor the image. Sometimes you’ll find an image that is too small, or you need to crop out everything but the face. Here are the tools I use.

Faststone – I’ve yet to break the surface of what Faststone can do–it can do a lot–but I use it mainly to make images bigger.

Picasa – Picasa allows you to crop shots and apply filters (my favorite is 1960).

Jing – Grab an image of your screen, apply some arrows, boxes, or text, and then save.”

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One Response to “Photo Editing To Enhance Information Products”

  1. Demian Farnworth on May 1st, 2013 2:52 pm

    Fred, thank you for the mention. Glad you found the post useful … and I thought the tools would come in handy, too. I’m not a geek, but found those super helpful. Take care, and thanks again.

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