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Pinterest For Information Marketing

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Do your products and/or services lend themselves to being photographed? If so, you may be interested in exploring Pinterest for information marketing.

I am not an expert on the use of social media in general, and certainly not on the specific use of Pinterest. But I am always looking for new and more effective ways for my clients to promote their information marketing online.   So you may be in a good position to use photos for attracting visitors to your site and converting them into customers, too.

What I’m saying is that you have to think hard about where your people are. A buckshot approach to social media is NOT the way to go. Busy executives are generally not hanging around on Facebook for hours a day. If you’re marketing your expertise to them, you don’t want to waste time using Facebook to do so.

info marketing pinterest

Pinterest For Information Marketing

And furthermore, they may not be on LinkedIn either, even though that site is designed for business contacts. I understand that most execs don’t find enough value in spending time there.

You have to know where they go and make sure you show up there, too.  You can comment on posts, and you can run an Adwords campaign if you are in a position to spend some cash to get in front of your target market.

Pinterest may, however, be great if you are a fashion designer selling online, a food wholesaler or retailer, a pet trainer, landscaper or hairdresser. You’ll note that my list here is primarily businesses that sell to consumers, although there may be a wholesale component to their businesses as well.

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