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Platforms Are Not Just For Speakers Anymore

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Publishers of hard cover, soft cover and digital books all want to work with authors that have a well-established platform. Think of your platform as who you are, what you do and what you stand for. Platforms are not just for speakers anymore.

There is so much competition in the world book marketplace now, so publishers have a lot to choose from, which explains why they have become partial to authors with established platforms.

Nina Amir is an author and a book coach, and she offers the following suggestions in a post on The Future of Ink, written for e-book authors to build a platform before launching their books:

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Platforms Are Not Just For Speakers Anymore

“You need a community to succeed as an author.

The larger your community—in other words, the more fans and followers you have—the more books you will sell.

This is why traditional publishers seek writers who have platform. In fact, a traditional publisher or a literary agent looks at an aspiring author’s platform to determine his or her potential to sell books.”

Amir’s suggestions are the same as those I give my clients and customers on a regular basis. You are bringing who you are and what you do to a group (community) of people, and that community is a big part of what publishers are looking for now. They aren’t just looking for manuscripts to publish, they are looking for an established community to whom a published book will sell.

Amir defines the word “platform” from the viewpoint of a publisher when she says, “An e-book author platform can be defined as how many people know and associate you and your name with something of value to them.” The community of people = the platform.

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