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Whenever I do a speech or a seminar where I talk about selling info products, I get people coming up to me afterwards asking me: WHAT SHOULD I SELL? They are often relative newbies to the field of information marketing and I try and give them my best advice.

If you’re trying to get started immediately, you probably won’t start out selling your own products and services. You’ll start out as an affiliate, selling someone else’s. This is not necessarily a bad thing. IF you choose the right ones!

The question is how to choose. That’s what this post is all about.

First, make sure that you are dealing with a reputable person. Take the name of the person and put it into Google and see what comes up. I did this recently and discovered that the first listing for the guy was on a site that alerts people to rip off artists. I was a alarmed. I clicked on the link and started reading.

As it turns out, the person who started screaming about this person and their QUESTIONABLE tactics was the culprit. I read the entire thread of the issue and when done I was MORE willing to do business with this guy than I was at the outset.

Second, get a copy of the product and use it yourself. Two reasons here. First, you want to see if it really works as advertised. Second, you want to be able to talk about the product from the standpoint of a user, not a seller. The copy you can create will be ten times more effective if YOU, YOURSELF are actually using the product you’re promoting.

There are some people who will promote a product, site unseen. CRAZY! This is NUTS! Don’t do it. You could ruin your reputation in 10 seconds flat.

Third thing is build a “sent me” site. Take a look at to give you an example. Feel free to copy the look and feel of this site for yourself.

Long term, you’ll want to be selling BOTH your own products and the products of other people who you know and trust. To start, it’s a great idea to promote products from others you select. CAREFULLY.

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