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Presenting Like the Pros

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Working on your information marketing presentations by practicing them over and over to achieve a level of competence before you actually get up in front of an audience is not a very popular notion. We all like to think we can “wing it” and everything will turn out fine. But winging it is not presenting like the pros do it.

That’s why we watch TED videos and marvel at the skill level of the presenters, some of whom are NOT professional speakers at all, but people whose expertise in other areas has given them tremendous knowledge and authority to share with the whole world.  Behind the scenes, they have been practicing before they get up there and give their TED presentations.  They practice A LOT.


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Presenting Like the Pros

TED Curator Chris Anderson, former computer journalist and magazine publisher, has this to say to those of us who want to build our information marketing business by making presentations and giving speeches:

“Many of the best talks have a narrative structure that loosely follows a detective story. The speaker starts out by presenting a problem and then describes the search for a solution. There’s an “aha” moment, and the audience’s perspective shifts in a meaningful way…

If a talk fails, it’s almost always because the speaker didn’t frame it correctly, misjudged the audience’s level of interest, or neglected to tell a story. Even if the topic is important, random pontification without narrative is always deeply unsatisfying. There’s no progression, and you don’t feel that you’re learning.”

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