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Protecting Your Creative and Productive Time

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How is it humanly possible to get everything done, now that we not only have to create our information products, but promote them in person and online as well?  Protecting our creative and productive time has risen to the level of an art form, in my estimation.

Jane Friedman’s last two blog posts are, taken as a pair, rather ironic. One involves a writer pushing himself to say “yes” to every possible opportunity to promote and share his skills, and the other is about how the online journalism  industry expects writers to work for free much of the time. In other words, just say “no.” Well, that is one possible perspective.

Use of scheduling programs, timers and alarms is one way to fight back.  Daily reminders to start and stop particular projects abound. But that’s not the real problem. Overload is the problem, and it’s endemic. It’s everywhere and it never seems to end.

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Protecting Your Creative and Productive Time

I have learned when and how to say “no,” over the years. And I suspect that author Matthew Salesses , mentioned above, will eventually find his boundaries, too.  I don’t believe we will ever see a time management tool that works more efficiently than learning precisely when and how to say “no,” gracefully.

Hiring a gatekeeper, such as an assistant, receptionist or secretary to fend off time-consuming calls and visitors has worked in the past. But now that we are online 24/7, we no longer have that luxury. We have to manage to be our own gatekeeper, yet another task in the midst of daily overload.

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