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I spent this weekend in the Washington D.C. area with my buddy and JV Partner, Burke Allen. This event was all about showing ANYONE how to get more exposure in the media. Print, radio, TV, onion . . . it was ALL covered.

The people who attended were varied and interesting. It’s always amazing to me how many different things people are doing. In addition to a host of other fascinating individuals, I met Dreama Denver. Gilligan’s WIFE!

Bob Denver was his REAL name and, unfortunately, he died a number of years back. She has written a book that will soon be out about their life.

Not only were the 12 attendees an interesting lot, the instructors that Burke was able to snag were an interesting and talented group as well. I was particularly impressed with Karen Ryan. She has done a ton of work in front of and behind the camera. Her insights and style of teaching were invaluable to the group.

One of the things that got me REALLY angry at this event was a story I heard from Roman Akafate. She’s one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. Roman has written a book called “Winning My Life”. Her story of now living the American dream after growing up in Ethiopia as an orphan.

She told me how she had paid over $20,000 to a well known “guru” for his services. To date she has made NOTHING as a result. I encouraged her to contact the attorney general in her State to file a complaint.

As an ETHICAL information marketer you sometimes have to TURN DOWN money from people if your product, program or coaching is NOT RIGHT for them. Sure, you’ll make less money, but in the long run, you’ll have your DECENCY intact.

The story she told me, if 100% accurate (and I have no reason to believe it is not), portrayed an information marketer run AMOK. An individual who clearly is ONLY concerned about enriching himself. What a NIGHTMARE!


When you suspect that people truly cannot afford what you’re offering, do NOT take their money. Long term you’ll end up with MORE money AND with a better reputation.

By the end of this event, everyone had heard Roman’s story and will NEVER do any business with the individual she told us about.

Shortly, Burke will be coming out with a PUBLICITY program that will be well worth your buying. I’ll keep you posted.

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