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Reach Out And Touch Your Email Subscribers Again

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If you have an aging email list, it may be time to reach out and touch your email subscribers again. You won’t know the number of undeliverables or unsubscribes until you send a mailing, so it’s the first step to being able to clean the list and to use it more often.

However, things may have changed dramatically since you last sent bulk emails to your lists. One thing that has changed recently is particularly important to understand. I’m not an expert on this topic, but thought I should bring it to the attention of my blog readers anyway. We all need to do more research on the topic of the new email delivery rules.

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Reach Out And Touch Your Email Subscribers Again

These rules enhance existing rules by adding, “’engagement’ factors: open rates, clicks, unsubscribes, and complaints.” That was a quote from Ernan Roman Direct Marketing’s site, a brief but important read for information marketers embarking on plans for email marketing to an aging list.

The point here is this- your open rates, unsubscribes and complaints will be followed and categorized by your email provider, such as Aweber and others. Those providers will know whether you have an active list by their behavior when they receive your emails now. And those providers will cue you in on their findings.

As a result of the new guidelines, companies with big email lists that send relatively frequent email campaigns have begun to ask their subscribers to confirm their opt-in. A typical request might ask, “Do you want to continue to receive emails from us?”  Current opt-ins help mailers avoid penalties now.

You will begin to see these emails in your own inbox, so that will remind you to set them up for your own information marketing list mailings as well.

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