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Repurposing Your Information Marketing Content

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I have taught and set an example with my own repurposing projects for years. This is a good time to consider repurposing your information marketing content to make it pay you even more than it’s earned for you so far.

And if you’re just getting started creating content to publish as an e-book, surely you are also thinking about creating an audio book, too? That’s definitely the thing to do. Experienced voice over talent and producer Bill De Wees tells his students that there is more work available for voice over talent to read and turn e-books into audio books than there are people skilled in doing so. It’s a HUGE market now.

repurposing Your Information Marketing content

Repurposing Your Information Marketing Content

So that’s two immediate goals for creating and repurposing your information content now. What else can you do with it? You can use a portion of it as an article, and then record that article in the form of a podcast.  OK, that’s four uses, so far. See how repurposing works?

I like this quote from Kenneth Goldsmith’s 2011 article on “…in music, sampling—entire tracks constructed from other tracks—has become commonplace. From Napster to gaming, from karaoke to torrent files, the culture appears to be embracing the digital and all the complexity it entails—with the exception of writing, which is still mostly wedded to promoting an authentic and stable identity at all costs.”

OK, some things have changed a lot since 2011, it’s true. But one thing is that Google has become hyper-vigilant about is unique content and about identifying its author. That is a good thing for you as you go forth to build your info products and repurpose them for building your information marketing empire.

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