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Resources For Your Info Marketing Email Campaigns

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Reggie Brady is head of her own marketing firm, so she is always involved in working with her clients’ email marketing campaigns. I’d like to share her list of client resources for your info marketing email campaigns. What she is suggesting is very relevant to what you need to do to build your info business, too. She says you need to:

“1. Enhance the data on your list.

2. Compare and contrast.

3. Make it mobile-friendly or forget about it.

info marketing autoresponder

Resources For Your Info Marketing Email Campaigns

4. Time your emails to be cool.”

Bulk emails have evolved along with other changes on the web, and paying attention to your statistics has become more and more critical. Brady’s comments may not make much sense unless you are already involved with a list of contacts, emailing them on a regular basis.

I’l l summarize her points by saying that the more information you can collect at the point of opt-in, meaning not just a first name and email address, but a snail mail address, age, interests, etc, the more targeted your emails can become. That is the key to success in bulk emailing your list – personally targeted emails.

And they have to be written and sent in a format that is easy to read on a smart phone. Period.  No arguments to that one.

And you have to think about the time of day or week or month that your emails will arrive, making sure that the timing is relevant in the life of the recipient. Sending special deals is a good example. They need to be timed so that a person has time to open and respond before the deal goes away.

That’s my short summary of Reggie Brady’s professional suggestions, and how they relate to your info marketing campaigns.

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