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Reviving an Information Product Order

Information Marketing

It happens to me quite a bit. People try and order one of my info products but the system that I use rejects them for some reason. I’m sure it’s legitimate (ha) and the customer gets annoyed. As far as they are concerned, all they were trying to do is give me money. I say, LET THEM! Here’s what I’ve devised that you can try as well. I send them an email that looks like this: NAME,
I see you tried to order something from me and there was a problem.Sorry about that!The “system” is sometimes a bit peculiar!As my way of saying “Sorry” I’d like to offer you what you tried toorder for $77, for $67, $10 off.All you have to do is paypal the money to this email address andI’ll send it out to you immediately. NO Shipping charges.If you’re interested, send me the $$ and remind me WHICH product.Best,Fred If you want to learn much more about this and other ways to make a handsome living selling info products, come to my Fred Info Bootcamp! Look forward to seeing you there! 

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