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Have you considered the possibility of reviving old info products for new profit now? If this sounds like a short-cut that won’t require hard work and won’t provide much value, then we’re not on the same wavelength yet. Updating your material is a worthy project and it will require good research skills and plenty of editing time.

Naturally, you can outsource the project. You can hire a ghostwriter to do the research and re-write your e-book, or develop a script for you to record a new audio or video recording.  But this choice may be risky. If YOU are the expert, and if your information products are created to bring traffic to your sites and bring revenue into your business, then you are the one best suited to update your own info products. Personally.

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Reviving Old Info Products for New Profit

One way to start is to read or listen to your existing content and write down the questions you would ask if you were exposed to it for the first time today. This takes a little practice, I mean putting yourself in the position of a novice. But it’s critical to the process of revising and updating your products.

You might get someone else to help you, too. Get a friend or hire someone who is not familiar with your topic to go through the material along with you, and listen to that person’s comments. Take notes.

We can never see our own work the way other people see it, and working alongside a new reader or listener is a time-consuming but very revealing method for seeing and hearing your content in a new way. And it’s the best way to discover what needs to change for better comprehension and timely value.

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