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Running Your Information Business Remotely

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Maybe you cling to your laptop for running your information business remotely, or maybe you have moved into smaller realms such as a tablet or a smart phone.  If your “office space” is shrinking with the size of your favorite digital device, you may be on the lookout for apps and services that can make your work life easier.

Lou Bortone posted about his family summer travel schedule lately, sharing some ideas and links to favorite products for running his business from his smart phone:

info marketing mobile smart phones

Running Your Information Business Remotely

“Regardless of the business you’re in or the content you’re cranking out, being able to run your business on the go is crucial to your success. Fortunately, in our ‘always connected’ society, following your kids to all their games doesn’t putting your business on hold.

My personal mission is to be able to run my entire business from my iPhone!”

I’d like to say right now that running my information business from my smartphone is only possible if I outsource certain tasks to other people. Bortone didn’t mention outsourcing in his article, but I’d be willing to bet that’s one of his choices as well.  There are some functions in creating information products and websites that require larger screens for practical purposes.

Conducting business operations in a mobile manner is an amazing thing and I encourage you to experiment with cloud storage of data and applications that allow digital document preparation and signatures, too.

But I also caution you against getting yourself in a situation where total reliance on your smartphone causes problems because it is NOT the idea tool for creating or marketing information products consistently and well.

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