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Search Traffic vs Social Traffic to Your Web Pages

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If you are just getting started building your information marketing business the whole idea of search traffic vs social traffic to your web pages may not be too familiar. But I can tell you one thing for certain, this is a big deal. And it’s an important issue to get clear as you create your products and build your landing pages, websites and blogs.

Greg Levitt’s recent article on ClickZ discussing this topic indicates the huge shift in search engine behavior and page rank results: “Over the past 15 years – an eternity on the web – publishers have leaned heavily on SEO to drive traffic to their websites. For example, publishers have benefited greatly by examining search terms to optimize the discoverability of their content through search engines. It may thus come as a surprise that social media is on the verge of surpassing search as the primary source of referral traffic to many online publishers.”

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Search Traffic vs Social Traffic to Your Web Pages

There is only one way to get mentions in social media, and that is to be sure you’re out there using it. And furthermore, the people who know you and see and buy what you do have to get busy mentioning you and your information products as well.

At the present time we can dabble in social media with what time and interest we have available. Soon we will have to participate in order to survive and thrive in the page ranking wars.

Those of us who have been publishing and promoting information products since the beginning of the web are going to be behind the curve of younger users who have grown up on the web and who thrive on social engagement.  Social web interaction is not merely increasing in importance, it IS the new SEO.

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