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See Social Media Differently

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Mark Schaefer has the remarkable ability to help people see social media differently. His recent “5 reasons” post is a knock out of the ballpark. Don’t miss it, and don’t miss the comments either because it really gives perspective to the community overwhelm as regards social media for us all.

Here are his 5 points, with my commentary, to get you started thinking about how to see social media now, even if you don’t like it very much:

“1) Social impact on search. [This is, by the way, my own first reason for seeing social media differently now. And it is also the first reason on my list, too.]

information marketing in social media

See Social Media Differently

2) Facebook IS the internet.  [Schaefer provides statistics revealing that 80% of young Americans between the ages of 13 to 24 yrs old are on Facebook, and half of them use it every single day. Young Americans are growing up with Facebook and that means they will probably continue to prefer it, no matter what comes next.]

3) Social proof. [We like to know what other people think to support our own buying decisions.]

4) The trade show dilemma. [If you’ve ever worked a booth at a trade show you know that it can be very tedious and not too productive, but you and your company are judged poorly if you don’t show up.]

5) Social media is the future of communications. [Forget the Wall Street Journal… young people cite Facebook as their primary source of news and information.]”

As Shaefer puts it, “… ignore this at your peril.”  I don’t especially like it, but I do believe it.

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