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Self-Publishing Audio Books For Information Marketers

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I like to read blogs written by both fiction and non-fiction writers, mostly to see how they are marketing themselves now. This reading habit sometimes provides interesting ideas on the subject of self-publishing audio books for information marketers, among other topics.

These are pretty basic questions from mystery writer Elizabeth S. Craig, from her popular blog, Mystery Writing is Murder, “If you’re self-published, have you explored all the options and formats available for you?  If it’s something you’re interested in, have you set yourself a deadline for working on the project or learning about the process?”

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Self-Publishing Audio Books For Information Marketers

Craig is exploring the idea of licensing her books, specifically audio books. Her comments should be interesting to anyone building an information marketing business:

“The reason I suddenly decided to spend time researching audio is that I heard the magic phrase ‘royalty share.’ The author (or “rights holder” as far as ACX is concerned) can split royalties 50-50 with the narrator with no money upfront.”  ACX is Amazon’s audio book platform. It is relatively new, but it is taking off like a rocket because so many people would rather listen to books than read them.

This is a pretty sweet deal for both the narrator and the author, assuming they have a solid legal agreement and an audio book that sells. Of course the same thing can be done with your non-fiction information marketing books and e-books, too. I produced my own audio books, but you may not have time or inclination to record yours, so this is another new alternative.

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