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No matter what kind of writing you do for what information marketing topic, you have probably considered writing a book. Maybe you’re thinking strictly about an e-book or maybe an e-book with an audio book, a winning combination right now.  But if you’ve read any self-publishing suggestions for information marketers, you’re probably also toying with the idea of a tangible book, especially if you are also doing some speaking to promote your business.

Self-publishing has a huge fan base, and another huge group of detractors.  It’s not as if one group is right and one is wrong, they are just ideological vantage points that conflict. I have self-published books, but I can also see distinct advantages to publication by traditional publishers, for certain info marketers, for specific purposes. Publishing is NOT a one-size-fits-all activity.


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Self-Publishing Suggestions For Information Marketers

Orna Ross is an author and teacher of a unique creative process. She blogged about self-publishing this week, and here are some of the questions she suggests that an author consider before making his or her decision:

“1. Are you positive and proactive?

2. Are you brave?

3. Are you hardworking?

4. Are you entrepreneurial?

5. Are you resilient?

6. Do you base decisions on research?

7. Do you have good financial sense?

8. Are you collaborative and supportive?

I think these are great questions, even though they are extremely basic. It can be the most basic things we overlook in our haste and enthusiasm to build an information business. Sometimes I’ve noticed that the people I meet and talk to about creating and marketing information products just don’t seem to be motivated enough to do what it takes.

This list is really a good starting place for any author embarking on the self-publishing process.

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