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Self Publishing Writing Tips For Information Marketing

Information Marketing

You can absolutely DROWN in articles and blog posts on this topic, but I am posting these self-publishing writing tips for information marketing purposes today. Info marketing is a specific business and one that requires special attention.

You either have or want to attract clients, customers, patients, students or others who pay you for your time and information, correct? Assuming that is the case, then you hear certain questions over and over. You get asked by email, phone, texting  and in person, and many times you don’t have enough time to answer these questions thoroughly.

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Self Publishing Writing Tips For Information Marketing

Those are exactly the type of questions that can get your information marketing business rolling. You can build an e-book, followed by an audio book, followed by a series of blog posts, and there will always be another angle from which you can approach your topic. And there will always be new people jumping into the stream of your information, looking for answers and help.

Having some questions and therefore your basic topics in mind, you will want to create an outline for writing about them.  It doesn’t have to be elaborate, but it needs to exist, if just to keep you on track. It can be elaborate if that’s your style (it’s NOT my style) and if it provides motivation.

Finally, you have to make your book writing and publishing project a priority, which means other things have to take a backseat. Honestly, this can be the hardest part of writing and publishing any book – prioritizing. But it is absolutely critical to launching your information marketing business with your own published book.

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Information Marketing

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