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I just googled some of the keywords that I “go after” for my own business. One of the sites that came up talked about selling information products. I clicked on it. I was directed to a squeeze page that attempted to get me to give him my name and email address in exchange for what appeared to be a GREAT product. I quickly did as instructed, expecting a tremendously helpful guide to selling my info products. 


What an incredibly disappointment. I got an “ebook” (more a simple report) that listed 50 things that I had to do to succeed as an information marketing seller. Each one of the 50 items listed was a pithy little trite saying that a motivational speaker could have come up with in his/her sleep. The information I was given was 1000% WORTHLESS.

It was, of course, attempting to get me on their list and then sell me something later. As an information marketing person, this is a good idea. HOWEVER, if all you do is give people a lot of CRAP when they request something free, then you are in trouble. DEEP TROUBLE!

What you give people for free in your information marketing business should be GREAT. Not just good, but great. Why? Because people will NEVER buy from you if you give away CRAP. Even if it’s free!

What should YOU do? In your goal to sell lots of info products I suggest that you concentrate on creating the absolute best material you can. Even if it’s free. Do that and your success is assured.

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