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Selling info products can be fun. To be done correctly, it will require some work on your part. I have always been taught that marketing is everything you do to get the phone to ring. Selling begins when you pick up the phone.

That language is now a bit dated.

In the selling of info products, particularly online we could change the definition to: marketing is everything you do to drive traffic to your site. Selling begins once they land on your site.

Selling info products now is very different than it was 10 years ago. Most intelligent marketers who are selling info products still use both methods, but the bulk of their efforts lie in the online marketing world.

In order to know how well you’re doing in the selling of your info products, you need a means of tracking your efforts. This is best done with Google Analytics. It’s a free service provided by Google to give you some key statistics you’ll want to track to analyze your efforts.

You’ll first want to know how many unique visitors are coming to your site. You’ll also want to know what percentage of those folks you are closing to take ACTION. That can be both the purchasing of a product and the opting in to receive your emails. 

Your final element that you’ll want to track is your AVV. Your average visitor value. This will allow you to figure out how much each customer is worth who comes to your site. 

This is incredibly valuable as we now live in a PAY PER CLICK world. Knowing how much a customer is worth will allow you to know how much you should be wiling to pay to get them to your site.

I would suggest that you never pay more to get them there than what they are worth. So if the average visitor value to your site is $1, never pay more than a dollar per click.

Big companies may be willing to LOSE money (initially) to get someone to a site, but that should NOT be done with someone like you or me.

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