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Anyone who truly understands info products should be selling those products on Ebay. Here’s why. Ebay is one of THE most heavily trafficked sites. Whenever I’m doing one of my information products seminars I always tell people: when you find traffic, JUMP IN FRONT OF IT! That’s true in spades for Ebay.

As a marketer of information products you have to understand the “funnel system” to fully comprehend why it makes sense to sell your info products on Ebay. Your goal is to capture names. By selling some of your less expensive products on Ebay you are now capturing leads at NEGATIVE cost. In other words, people are paying you to become prospects for your more expensive products and services.

The intelligent use of Ebay to sell info products is to sell a VERY inexpensive “front-end” product. Deliver with great content, keep that person on your list and then UPSELL them to your other more expensive and higher profit info products.

Ebay makes total sense for the information marketer who understands that it isn’t the first sale that makes you money, but the ongoing revenue you get from a buyer. Sell your info products on Ebay. It only makes sense. Some people actually produce one or more info products specifically to sell on Ebay. Not a bad idea.

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