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Information Marketing

Information marketing is one of the hottest topics on the internet these days. Why? Because virtually anyone can learn how to do it and make some decent money.

My book, “Selling Information” was one of the first to show people a replicable system. This is a method of selling info products that I’ve been using for 25+ years both on and offline.

In the book, you’ll learn exactly how I run my information products business and how YOU can do the same. Whether your a welder or a doctor, this book is packed with useful ideas that can help you launch your info marketing business both quickly and easily.

Many of the books in this field tease you on how to sell information. This one is different. I reveal the EXACT same system that I’ve been using for years to make money in the field. I discuss how to use both physical and digital books to dramatically enhance your status in a market.

Although books are great for enhancing credibility they are definitely NOT your big money maker. The products that will make you the “big bucks” are the ones that have much higher price points. That would include things like audio programs, video programs, membership websites, individual coaching, group coaching, consulting, seminars and more.

Each of these topic areas deserve coverage. They are all important to building a successful info marketing business. Some people tend to concentrate their efforts on just one or two on this list. Why? The best reason is because their skills are best suited to doing one or the other. I think this approach is not just sensible but essential to success.

There are so many things you can produce, that it behooves you to work and concentrate in the areas that come easiest to you and generate the most fun and money.

For myself, I do a lot of events like bootcamps and seminars. I very much enjoy doing them. I love to teach and these “products” are where I tend to spend the bulk of my time working on.

In the book, you’ll find very specific suggestions on how to do each one of the information marketing elements that I listed above. I suggest that if you’re interested in getting started that you follow my suggestions meticulously. After you get your business up and running you can FREELANCE, but for now, stick with my suggestions.

Within the next year, I’ll be releasing a follow up book on the same topic, but for now, SELLING INFORMATION remains the definitive guide to marketing and selling information online and offline.

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