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Seminar Marketing Techniques That Work

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I do a lot of seminars and seminar marketing. There are a bunch of seminar marketing techniques that work and a whole lot that do NOT. Here is a list of things to consider doing that work:

1. Do teleseminars with the various speakers who will be speaking at your event. Spread them out every week or so and start about 90 days before your event. If you are the only speaker then do multiple teleseminars yourself but do a different topic each time.

2. Use lots of Testimonials. There is no better way to market a seminar than to use testimonials. Use audio, video AND text. The more the better, but make sure that the people and the comments are REAL.

3. Offer a strong guarantee. The better the guarantee, the easier it will be to market a seminar.

4. Reduced price for early enrollment. Always a good idea to give people a financial incentive to sign up early for your events.

5. Bonuses. People love to get additional STUFF at no extra charge. Make sure your bonuses relate to the seminar you are doing.

6. Clear copy. Write your copy so people will know exactly what benefits they will get by attending.

7. Read my book! Pick up a copy of Marketing and Promoting Your Own Seminars and Workshops.

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