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In order to maximize revenue, the intelligent information marketing person must understand some basic psychology. No matter how good your products, people will ALSO buy from other people in your field.

Those same people will ALSO buy tangentially related products and services.

Given this fact, having affiliate relationships in site are super important to anyone who sells info products and who also wants to make good money doing so.

As someone who concentrates in the field of information marketing, there are a lot of tools that readers of this blog and subscribers to my ezine want to know about. Here is a partial list:

* Where do I register domains at a reasonable price? Answer:

* Where do I get reasonably priced hosting? Answer:

* Where do I find ONE program to handle my “back office”? Answer:

These are just a few of the ESSENTIAL elements that anyone in the field of information marketing needs to know. Given that this is the field that I target, I have set up relationships with vendors who can help people in these areas.

All of them provide me with a commission for referring others. Be careful, NEVER send people somewhere to BUY something JUST because you are given a strong incentive to do so. Make sure that you have properly vetted the vendor and USED their services before you make any recommendations.

Given the number of different products and services that I recommend, I like (and suggest that you have) having one place where I put all the information in one central place. For me, this is my SENT ME site.

Since I have been recommending that people do this for a while, you may find that your name, with the words SENT ME after it are taken. My apologies. The next best one would be your full name and the words SENT ME. Always use a .com!

Anyone who sells anything to any niche needs a site like this. A ONE STOP shop for any and everything that you recommend. I like mine because it’s simple, easy to remember and easy to spell.

Please follow my lead and do likewise. PS – If your name is ED, get in touch. I own and have no use for it.

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