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SEO vs PPC – Understand This To Market Information – Part 2

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This is a good time to take careful note of search results whenever you use Google, which is what most of us do, most of the time. In order to fully grasp SEO vs PPC, and to understand this to market information, we have to know what other people are seeing and doing when they are searching.

The best way to have the experience for yourself is to go to the Google search bar and type in your information marketing topic.  Let’s say your products involve tournament golfing. Now, you surely know your keywords better than I do, but I’ll just use “play tournament golf” as an example.

When I type that phrase into my search bar (NOT the address bar up top, the search bar in the middle of the page) I get 84,000,000 results, and the first one on the page on a lightly shaded background is there because it is a PAID position on the page rankings, specifically the first page of search results for that phrase.

Following that one, there are 12 listings, called “organic” because they are ranked by Google on the basis of relevance  (keywords, linking and social factors). And following all the above, there are 2 more listings in a shaded box, which means they are also enjoying a PAID position on the first page.

info marketing seo success

SEO vs PPC – Understand This To Market Information

Click on through to page 2 and page 3 and you will see the same PAID listings popping up at the top and the bottom of each page of search results.

My whole point here is that most people do not understand that some listings are on the first page (and every page) because they PAID to be there. And more importantly, they DO NOT CARE.

This is very important for information marketers to know and thoroughly understand. These Google listings look almost exactly the same and work just the same to the user.  That means we are competing with PAID LISTINGS for page rank now.

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