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SEO vs PPC – Understand This To Market Information – Part 3

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If you’ve followed me through Parts 1 and 2 on this topic, SEO vs PPC and understanding this to market information, you will be prepared to understand my personal opinions that follow.

The web is changing everyday, and one way it’s changing is that search engines are moving in the direction of rewarding websites, and particular pages on individual sites if a site or a page contains ads that produce income for the search engine.

This is a controversial topic, and it’s become popular with webmasters and sophisticated clients. It is a subject that interests business owners whose futures depend on page ranking for the traffic and the sales needed to make a profit.

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SEO vs PPC – Understand This To Market Information

Search engine marketing expert Kevin Lee posted this week on the rising cost of pay-per-click ads on Google. It’s pretty high-level stuff, written for large companies with tech personnel, but I’m saying we all have to get up to speed on this kind of thing, too. If you are marketing information now, you are competing with big companies investing advertising and promotional dollars to get their sites and their pages ranked higher than yours.

Lee gives this simple advice that applies to all of us, even solo entrepreneurs marketing information from their home offices, “Don’t pay for clicks from the wrong audience and make sure you bid aggressively for your perfect audience.”  If that sentence doesn’t make sense to you, then it’s time to get educated about pay-per-click advertising on Google and other search engines. The day may come when it’s your best tool to compete for page rankings, clients and customers.

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