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What are you waiting for? I mean, REALLY, are you waiting for a better time when you’re not so busy, or when you lose weight or get plastic surgery so you look your absolute best for the camera?  Just shoot your video products now so you can get on with building your information marketing business.

Naturally, we all want to look like movie stars. But, we are never going to meet that goal, so that’s the first ideal to set aside if it’s holding you back from turning on your webcam and starting to talk. That’s it. That’s all you need to do, wherever your computer or tablet is located, and whenever you have a few minutes.

Lisa Barone’s post on SearchEngineWatch gets to the point about getting in touch with your reasons for making video products and using video to promote your products. She says, “But there’s a difference in seeing the power of video and truly using video to push your brand further and make it more connected.”

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Shoot Your Video Products Now

Baron provides a list of ways to assess our individual purpose for making videos that includes:

“1) To recognize your audience.

2) To provoke.

3) To tell a story.

4) To simplify ideas.

5) To entertain.”

OK, that may sound pretty simplistic, but it’s important. You need to be sure WHY you are using video and WHAT you desire to accomplish BEFORE YOU SHOOT.  It’s like shooting an arrow, you have to take aim on a particular target. Yes, that’s what needs to happen before you turn on your webcam and start talking to create your info products and build your business.

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