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Sitting On The Sidelines As An Information Marketer

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Do you find yourself sitting on the sidelines as an information marketer?  Are you somewhat stymied by fear of failure? Well, I can honestly say that I would not be doing you a favor to say, “have no fear.” That would not be fair, because moving through fear to success is the only way to build your information marketing business.

You cannot avoid fear, you can only learn how to penetrate it and move through it in order to get to your success waiting on the other side.

Seth Godin’s words in a blog post this week speak directly to the necessity to embrace and conquer fear, as opposed to hiding from it:

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Sitting On The Sidelines As An Information Marketer

“So we go to meetings and wait for someone else to take responsibility. We seek deniability before we seek impact. The four-letter word that every modern organization must fear is: hide.

Our fear of being wrong, of opening up, of creating the vulnerability the leads to connection–we embrace that fear when we go to work, in fact, that’s the main reason people take a job instead of going out on their own. The fear is someone else’s job.

Except now it’s not.”

Even as solo entrepreneurs we have to wrestle with our vulnerabilities as regards other people’s opinions. One thing is for certain – we cannot delegate the sense of fear. It is most definitely NOT somebody else’s job.

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