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Slicing And Dicing E-books for New Info Products

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I am almost speechless regarding a brilliant new idea this week, the notion of slicing and dicing e-books to create new info products. Or for classroom reference materials, or for pretty much anything you want to create with excerpts from a variety of digital publications. The source material includes journals, magazines, ebooks, newspapers ad and whitepapers . If it’s published in a digital format, it can be sliced and diced for your own purposes.

You may be scratching your head as I was when first confronted with this idea. I’ll let Daniel Kalder explain, from his article on Publishing Perspectives:

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Slicing And Dicing E-books for New Info Products

“The Slicebooks tool is a web service enabling publishers to chunk books into customizable and ready-to-publish slices in a few easy steps: “In just a few minutes publishers can upload any EPUB or PDF file, singly or in multi-file batches, and then make selections about what slice sizes are desired (sections, chapters, sub-chapters etc.), what front and back matter gets included in each slice, and which one of our custom cover templates to design.”

He is quoting Jill Tomich, co-founder of Slicebooks, which is software that enables anyone to create a completely new digital publication from parts and pieces of existing publications. She is also quoted as saying, “There are countless millions of books that deserve to be sliced, and our mission is to slice every one of them and build a repository of those slices where customers can easily discover exactly the slices they need, right when they need it, and have the option to create new collections of any content they want. This makes perfect sense to us, and when we talk to consumers about what we are building, they wonder why this wasn’t available years ago.”

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