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Smart Email For Information Marketing

Information Marketing

Are you already overwhelmed by the quantity of email you receive?  I am. But as it turns out, we may become even more overwhelmed with some new developments that email providers are implementing. Let’s look at a glimpse of the future and talk about smart email for information marketing.

Basically, the changes we’re seeing in Google search, such as instant results and targeted ads, are coming to your email inbox soon. Emails will have the ability to go directly into a folder prior to opening. Meaning, all incoming emails will not appear in one long, scrolling list. Some will be politely waiting for you to open a folder in order to view them.

info marketing email delivery trends

Information Marketing Email Innovations

George Bilbrey’s article called New Trends and New Norms in 2013 appears on his MediaPost blog called Email Insider. It is full of his knowledgeable predictions regarding the future of email delivery. He should know because he is the founder of one of the earliest smart email systems.

Naturally, most email innovations are designed to make life easier for the recipient, the “consumer” of email.  Those same innovations don’t necessarily make life easier for information marketing, however.

Right now we have to deal with emails sent to our list landing in their spam inbox.  Soon we will have to deal with another layer of complexity – our emails may arrive directly in a folder that the recipient doesn’t open very often.

George Bilbrey is an optimistic innovator, and when he says, “…truly personalized email experiences…” we may not share his optimism immediately.  But this statement gives us some hope, if we can grasp it, “Subscribers won’t have to leave the mailbox, and that’s good news for email marketers because it eliminates clicks/inertia/friction that suppress response. “

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