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Smart Phone Information Marketing

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I would love to know (in the comments below) if you design your information products so that they can be seen and used on smart phones. I mean, do you actually consider the small screen sizes and think about how your products look on them?

James Dohnert posted on ClickZ recently that,” As of January of this year over 37 percent of U.S. smart phone users owned an iPhone. The number offered a slight increase from October when over 34 percent of U.S. smartphones were Apple branded.

The second most popular smart phone brand was found to be Samsung. About 21 percent of U.S. smart phones featured the Samsung logo. According to comScore’s report, since October Samsung smart phone ownership jumped nearly 2 percent in the U.S.”

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Smart Phone Information Marketing

Let’s unpack this data. Basically, we are designing info products primarily for iPhones; that seems to be true enough. And after that, we’re designing for Samsungs. If none of this seems significant, please remember that many people spend ‘way more time on their smart phones than on their computers now. Some of your clients and customers may be among them, and certainly some of your future customers are in that group.

It ‘s a really good idea to ask around to see what your existing websites, landing pages, blogs and products look like on various iPhones and Samsungs. To see examples on your desktop or laptop screen and get suggestions, visit GoMo, a “Google-led initiative,” that allows you to type in web addresses to check the mobile view. Very interesting!

This tip from GoMo pretty much says it all, “Mobile users are often short on time, squeezing in online tasks as they go about their day. To help them, design your site to load fast and make copy easy to read.”

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