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Snail Mail Considerations for Info Product Marketing

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Even though most people are online 24/7, one way or the other, with inboxes capturing messages while they sleep, there’s nothing like getting something interesting in the mailbox. Let’s look at some snail mail considerations for info product marketing.

Apparently the USPS is losing about $25 MILLION dollars per day, and cost-saving measures include cessation of Saturday mail delivery as of August 2013. While those don’t appear to be good reasons to use snail mail for your information marketing, think about it for a moment. It means people are receiving less mail and they will soon be receiving mail only five days a week.

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Snail Mail Considerations for Info Product Marketing

Can you see why your postcard, letter or package may be much more likely to be opened and read than your email?  Snail mail rates in the United States are limited to increases at the rate of inflation, so that makes them a terrific value. It costs far more to mail a letter in other countries than it does here. It’s just one more thing that we take for granted if we don’t have other experience as a comparison.

Direct mail expert Bob Bly contends that snail mail is THE most effective method of making sales for some products and services. He has a long history in the copywriting business, so he knows what he is talking about.

Local information marketers and those for whom direct mail may be a good or even the BEST method to close sales should be sure earn about the various classes of bulk mail and how they can be used effectively.

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