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You could spend all your days, 24/7 reading up on social media marketing for your info products. There’s so much information on the web and also in print books that it can overwhelm you. But there is one point you don’t want to miss in the midst of all your reading and studying, because it concerns the legality of your articles and blog posts designed to earn an affiliate commission.

If you are going to earn money when your readers click on a link and buy a product or service you mention and hyperlink on your sites, then this information from Sara Hawkins on Social Media Examiner concerns you:

info marketing visibility scope

Social Media Marketing For Your Info Products

“As with all truth in advertising laws, the consumer must know he or she is being sold to before reading something or taking action to purchase. And keep in mind that the advertising or marketing message may require more than one disclosure…

All disclosures should be:

Proximate to the information so the consumer does not have to hunt for it

Of at least the same size as the message

In the same format as the message

Accessible on all platforms used

Understandable by the consumer”

Here’s the most significant point Hawkins shares in her post, I believe – we have the obligation to indicate our affiliation even on brief Twitter or Facebook posts as well. She says, “using the words ‘ad’ or ‘sponsored’ may be sufficient if provided BEFORE the message.”

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