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Social Media News Flash for Information Marketing

Information Marketing

This is a big one – it’s a social media news flash for information marketing. So, if you are marketing information, it’s for you. Patrick Shea of HubSpot says, “People now spend more time on social media than in their email inbox.

I don’t know if Shea’s underlying statistics apply to your info products marketing or mine, but let’s assume for a moment that they do. Let’s make the assumption that our respective target markets are spending more time reading news websites and blogs, and watching videos on YouTube and Vimeo than they are spending reading through emails.

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Social Media News Flash for Information Marketing

Does that seem possible? I am looking at my own behavior, always a good place to start, even though my own behavior doesn’t translate 100% to that of my target market.  I’m asking myself if I spend more time on social media-oriented sites than I spend reading emails. Maybe I’ll have to set a timer to know for sure.

What do you think about your own behavior? Feel free to comment, because it would be good to collect other information marketing opinions here.

Shea’s firm offers systematized solutions for staying on top of social media, helping solo information marketers and large companies to, “generate leads through social media, schedule and publish your best content, measure the impact of each social post, and track and nurture your social media followers.”

I am sure that HubSpot does a great job systematizing social media because it has a good reputation for doing so. What I am not sure of is this – Could there be a disconnect when you delegate social media posting and, as Shea calls it, “nurturing your social media followers?”  I guess time will tell.

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One Response to “Social Media News Flash for Information Marketing”

  1. Monja on February 17th, 2013 10:35 am

    I guess I spend more time on my emails – answering them, etc. as it’s a big part of my business.

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