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Speaking As Information Marketing – Part 2

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If speaking as information marketing is actually a conversation with one or more people, and conversation is something we do all the time in our daily lives, then why is speaking so intimidating? I think the answer is simply that we become the center of attention. That makes us really self-conscious and shy.

Remember the old saying, “Children should be seen but not heard?” That was an historical standard, right up until the baby boom generation. Then everything changed, and it seems that kids have been growing more and more precocious ever since then. And many of them have moved out of the precocious category into something far less adorable, but that’s not my subject here.

Speaking as Information Marketing

Speaking as Information Marketing

My point is this – most adults were raised to believe that they should not be seen and heard at the same time because it’s not polite. Maybe that’s a stretch, but I think there’s definitely truth in it. Standing out from the crowd is considered obnoxious or rude.

That attitude is the FIRST thing a speaker has to overcome in order to build an information marketing business. It must be replaced by, “I should be seen and heard by all who will benefit.”  How’s that for a new saying?  Personally, I like it!

Knowing what you know, and knowing that you have not only a right but an obligation to share it with others who will benefit is definitely my definition of success as a speaker. There’s no time or opportunity for self-consciousness or shyness when the world needs what you have to offer.

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