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Start Writing To Start Marketing Information

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Fiction writers are not all that different than non-fiction writers and information marketers in one significant way – procrastination. Yup, it’s all of us. All you have to do is start writing to start marketing information.

Jane Friedman’s cogent advice blog features a guest post by Susan Jackson Rogers today. She is completely candid about her tendency to procrastinate on writing projects.  Does that ring a bell with you at all?  Rogers describes her notebooks and scraps of paper in unrelated heaps, a common picture of creatives.

That’s when her simple advice kicks in, “Each time, I have to remember: Start small. Why doesn’t “starting small” feel like real writing? Really, there isn’t any other way to start. … It’s embarrassing to admit how long it’s taken me to realize that the whole trick is this: close the gap between notes and draft.”

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Start Writing To Start Marketing Information

Start small. That’s it. One blog post = starting. One Facebook post is starting, too, if you prefer to get started in a more public place on social media.  If it works for you, the accountability factor of social media can actually make a big difference.  Telling a few people that you are getting started with your writing is another aspect of starting small. It’s the commitment aspect.

Closing the gap between notes and draft, as Rogers puts it, is where the rubber meets the road. It means you have to put writing ahead of all the other obligations and activities vying for your attention. It has to become more important.

Is your information marketing business important enough to you to start writing now?

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