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Take Care of Your Voice

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If you do any speaking at all, you NEED to take care of your voice. Take it from me! One of my revenue streams is speaking. Speaking at both my own events and those that others produce is responsible for about 15% of my revenue each month/year.

Here are some key elements to take care of your voice:

1. Don’t YELL! Ever. Even if your dog has had a MAJOR accident when you left the house for an hour (this happened to me recently). Raising your voice puts massive strain on your vocal cords. For those of your who are sports fans, be careful. Going to a game in person is a killer. You’re tempted to scream your brains out. Resist that temptation to save your voice.

2. Don’t consume drinks with caffeine and alcohol in them before or during the event. I can’t tell you the technical medical reasons for why this is true, but I KNOW that it IS. If you want to do either, do it AFTER your event is finished.

3. Lubricate your vocal cords when speaking. Make sure to have some ROOM TEMPERATURE water around you at all times when speaking. Think of it like oil in your car. Vocal cords that are not watered during a presentation will be strained a LOT more. Have the water nearby at all times and MAKE yourself have some during a presentation. NO ice water please.

4. Don’t cough hard. If you have to cough, grumble it out slowly without any big hacks. This is hard to describe, but I think you can picture what I mean here. 

If you do any speaking at all, make sure to remember these four points. They will save your vocal cords and your money with doctors later.

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