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I am amazed at how most people complain about not having time to read or write. They find time to talk, however. Are you one of those people? I am here to encourage you to talk your e-book and get it done now. Your e-book can be the kingpin to building your information marketing business.

Don’t wait until you have time to write. That time will NEVER come. If you can talk, you can publish an e-book now.

You can record yourself talking online at no cost on several different meeting platforms, and most offer transcripinformation marketing audio recordingtion services at very reasonable cost. Anybody can go to a website, sign up and start talking and recording an e-book.

You can also do the same thing on a conference call system at no cost as well. Separate transcription services are available if the conference call recording company doesn’t offer in-house transcription services. Be sure you get references for your transcription services before sending your work.

Without getting bogged down in details of which company to use and all the pros and cons of using Skype for example, let’s just focus on the fact that there is no longer ANY excuse for completing an e-book and starting your information marketing empire.

You can set aside some time any weekend or any early morning if necessary. You can schedule some working lunches or power breaks at your full-time job or on the road. Anywhere you can get online you can talk your e-book now.

And if you want to keep your project a little closer to the vest, just buy some voice recognition software and install it on your iPhone, iPad or good ole laptop.  Once again, no excuses.

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