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Testing Results of Your Information Marketing

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It’s not enough to create your info products, post them on sales pages and websites, and sit back and wait. That’s not how it works. Successful marketers will tell you that they are constantly experimenting with different marketing headlines and copy. They will tell you that you should be testing results of your information marketing, too.

Jakob Nielsen of the Nielsen Norman Group posted on his blog recently, and his points are relevant for information marketers as well as the large companies with which he normally consults. I’ll summarize them here by quoting this phrase, “usability is highly context dependent.” That means what works for one type of user may very well fail miserably with other types of users.

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Testing Results of Your Information Marketing

This point is relevant for solo entrepreneurs marketing information, just as it is for huge corporations. You cannot draw accurate conclusions about how your products or your marketing are working unless you test them on different audiences.

This is where it gets confusing because we are creating products for a particular target market and then posting and emailing and advertising to that market to sell our products. This is the usual advice anyway, and it is advice I agree with.

But testing within a target market is what we are discussing. Understanding how older or younger buyers react and how international buyers react are two examples of segments of a target market.

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