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The 4 P’s of TRUE Information Marketing Success

Information Marketing

There are LOTS of people claiming to teach information marketing of some sort. Some promise you’ll get rich overnight. Others don’t make promises, but have ZERO credentials.

It’s hard for me to understand how some people will get fooled into thinking that making money online should have different rules. Many people think that if they PAY someone a boatload of cash that they will magically start to make a monthly income selling info products!


In a coaching program I’m involved with we just had someone drop out because of a bunch of “interesting” excuses.

I’ve been selling info products for OVER 25 years. It’s taken a while to build up my business. A LONG while. It still always amazes me that people expect to make money SUPER fast and expect to do little or no work.

This is why I don’t get invited to speak at events that much anymore. NO ONE wants someone telling people the truth. In fact, the people that are doing most of the events are painting UNBELIEVABLE pictures that only exist in the minds of the naive attendees.

IF I were to give you a SYSTEM that IF you were to work hard on it for the next 3-4 years would allow you to REPLACE your current income, would you be in? Most people would say “NO!”

Instead, they become serial opportunity seekers. Flitting from one seminar to the next, hoping to find the MAGIC BULLET.

NEWSFLASH! There is none.

If those same people would take their time to find a TRUE SYSTEM and devote a realistic amount of time to it, they could have a real business. But, let’s face it, that’s not too enticing.

Just like fast food, most people want FAST MONEY.

If you aren’t willing to work hard you SHOULDN’T make it, in my opinion. Who the heck promised you that you should be able to get rich by putting up an AUTOBLOG?? Or some other nonsense like that?

For me and my friends, and JV Partners, I see a pattern. People who are willing to find a workable system, study it, implement it and are willing to be patient to see the money start to come in.

In a WALL of cash? Of course not. There were snake oil salesmen in the last few centuries and we have those same TYPES today. They pedal the same nonsense as before. Drink this elixir! Buy this program! Swallow this pill!

Do what they say and PRESTO, you’ll be healed, rich, healthy, etc. etc.

I have a good friend who came to one of my Fred Info Bootcamps a number of years back. He didn’t do much with the material. NOW, he’s starting to really do something. It’s been close to 4 years, but he’s finally getting going. Doing what’s necessary to make things happen.

He realized that without work, the SYSTEM wouldn’t work. And without patience, the system can’t be sustained.

If I were to give you my four BIGGEST suggestions on how to succeed in the information marketing business, it would be these. The 4 P’s of True info marketing success.

P #1: Persistence

If you don’t stay at it, it won’t happen. Read Seth Godin’s book, “The Dip” to give you an idea of what that’s all about.

P #2: Patience

It won’t happen overnight. Like I’ve said many times before, if you are looking for BIG, QUICK cash, you might as well play the lottery.

P #3: Product

You MUST produce high quality products (and services) to be successful. If you sell crap, you won’t make it for long. People will find you out.

P #4: Passion

Tim Ferris has it WRONG! Rather than trying to find a business where you only have to work 4 hours a week (GOOD LUCK – it sells books but ain’t gonna happen to many), find a BUSINESS and NICHE that you love. That way, it’s fun and doesn’t FEEL like work.

There you have it. Make sure and consider these things when selling information of ANY kind.

Thoughts? Comments? Ideas?

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One Response to “The 4 P’s of TRUE Information Marketing Success”

  1. Mark Moxom on March 13th, 2011 11:40 am

    Fred. Thanks once again for a great article that I have no choice but to agree with.

    I’ve been slowly moving into Internet marketing over the last 8 or more years and throughout that time have developed a number of projects – as an affiliate and promoting my own products.

    Without fail, the ones that work are those that I am interested personally. But the ones that really do well are on topics I am passionate about. They are things that have been validated by my own life experience and that I believe are something that could help or enrich the lives of other.

    Frankly, since understanding that ‘secret’ through experiencing the difference between to two – I now concentrate only on marketing projects that interest me personally.

    Doing so has give me infinitely more enthusiasm and incentive to get things done and done to a much higher standard. What would have turned to be a good product or service – turns out to be excellent because I enjoyed going the extra mile.

    The problems that I encounter on the way promote a sense of challenge rather than a threat of defeat. And the passion I have for a project empowers the persistence needed to carry it through.

    I can vouch for the fact that success does not come instantly (and the time needed to see it is measured in years not months). But I know that the projects I am putting in place now will be producing an ever increasing income long into my ‘retirement’.

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