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The Freemuim Model For Trust and Authority

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When you give away something free when a customer makes a purchase, that’s called a premium. So, once upon a time somebody coined the term “freemium” to describe giving away something free WITHOUT a purchase. That’s what information marketers have been doing for a long time now. And yet, I discovered that many still don’t really understand the freemium model for trust and authority.

If there is one information marketer who understands it thoroughly, it is Mark Schaefer. He blogs his best ideas regularly on Business Grow, and in one recent post he addresses the value of the freemium model in his life:

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The Freemuim Model For Trust and Authority

“Even though I give away everything I know about business and marketing, people are still eager to hire me because they value my perspective and they trust me through the content I provide.

When I started my consulting business, I took all the business I could on a regional level. Slowly my business evolved and grew, completely on the back of my blog content. And now I have made connections all over the world through social media. In fact, I have never spent one dime on any form of advertising for my business so far.

In other words, my business has grown ONLY because I give everything away!”

Schaefer’s explanation mirrors my own experience as well. I give away my best ideas every week on my webinars for JV partners, and for anybody else who cares to join us. I am a living example of the freemium model at work.

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