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The Humility Factor In Marketing Information – Part 1

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Setting yourself up as an authority has a downside. Apprehension about that downside keeps most people from going forward and getting started building their businesses. It’s the unspoken truth; it’s the humility factor in marketing information that stops so many before they even get started.

Humility is a good thing, but it is often mistaken for its evil twin, worthlessness. Feeling worthless is not true humility and it does ‘way more harm than good. True humility is modesty and respect and it demonstrates a lack of false pride.

Humility Factor in Information Marketing

Humility Factor in Information Marketing

Writing and speaking with authority and humility at the same time WILL come through in your information products. It’s not just your tone of voice when you speak or the particular words you are using, but it’s an invisible “vibe” that inhabits your work. It is the genuine essence of YOU that people can sense right away.

Your clients and customers like your vibe, or at least they are willing to tolerate it. And the people who are following you and taking you up on your free offers haven’t really voted yet. They are not ready to commit, but at least they are sticking around to see what happens and may get around to voting with their credit card eventually.

Accessibility and transparency are the primary qualities that reveal modesty and respect, in my opinion. Making yourself available and sharing who you really are, personally and professionally is no longer an option. People will sniff out insincerity and click away in a heartbeat. And worse yet, they will tell their friends, too.

Genuine humility has become an absolute necessity to long-term, genuine success in marketing information.

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