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The Information Marketing CABAL . . . Explained!

Information Marketing

For a while I was on the inside. But that was a LONG time ago. Until I realized that my moral foundation was significantly DIFFERENT than those who remained “on the inside.” If you’ve been watching the information marketing business for a while, you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

Over 10 years ago, I started attending AND speaking at seminars having to do with internet and information marketing. Many of the now famous (and some infamous) seminar speakers spoke first at one of my seminars or events.

A few years back I got so SICK and TIRED of the underhanded dealings and shenanigans by this CABAL, that I started to back out. Quickly. Unlike the mafia, there was no problem extricating myself.

What’s a CABAL, you ask?

An online dictionary says: A conspiratorial group of plotters or intriguers. Sounds like something from a Tom Clancy novel. In a way, it kind of is.

IF you are willing to play the game and SHADE the truth and tell people that they can be millionaires overnight, you were in. If you could move LOTS of products from the platform (which I can) there were open arms to accept you and bring you in. Or in my case, KEEP you in.

The vast majority of the people I knew “back then” were more than willing to make this FAUSTIAN deal. They were willing to say what was necessary and DO what was necessary to curry favor with a small group with BIG lists.

I was NOT one of them.

The CABAL of information marketers continues to this day. If you’ve seen a PRODUCT LAUNCH, you’ve seen these folks in action. Promoting each others products. The VAST majority of the time, SIGHT UNSEEN.

That’s right, they will gladly promote someone’s product to make a bunch of affiliate commission dollars having never even SEEN the product they were endorsing.

HOLY CRAP! You can’t be serious Fred! OH YES I AM.

Now that I am on the OUTSIDE of this CABAL, I am free to criticize liberally. Which I do. I am also on their BLACK LIST. Glad to be there. I won’t get an email answered or a phone call returned. Not that I make them to these folks anymore.

As I understand it, it’s kind of like they do to wayward Scientologists. Or at least that’s how they portray them on 60 MINUTES. Once you’re on the outside, the members on the inside shun you. They won’t even mention your name. For those of you who know Harry Potter, it’s like Lord Voldemort.

I have my own group of folks I hang out with. My group is a BIT less hypey. They tend to value TELLING THE TRUTH. They don’t overstate your possible earnings if you buy their products. According to Spike Lee, they “Do the Right Thing.”

How will you know if you have encountered a member of the CABAL? Simple, in a matter of days your wallet will feel much lighter. In a matter of weeks you will start to feel angry. In a matter of months you will be invited to the NEXT seminar or event to learn how to REALLY do it THIS TIME.

In a matter of years, you’ll be BROKE.

Enjoy the CABAL if they are for you. For me, I’ll stay away.

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