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The Information Marketing Video Conversion Fallacy

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Over the past 18 months everyone who sells info products has seen a HUGE move in the direction of video to increase conversion rates. Like MOST concepts, there is SOME truth here.

The idea that video is ALWAYS the BEST conversion tool is flat out WRONG.

Here’s why.

You have two sides of the conversion process. First, you have the person who is presenting the offer. Second is the person who is receiving the offer.

IF you were to assume that video is the UNIVERSALLY correct tool for conversion, this would also assume that:

1. All people who come to your site are MOST apt to buy when they view a video. This assumes that everyone will be most apt to buy when presented a video offer. There are some people for whom video does not work. You may be one of them.

Writers are a group of folks who may not respond as well to a video message. These folks are more apt to respond to the written word.

2. YOU are BEST at closing by using video. You may not do your best closing job on video. Your strength might be best using audio or the written word.

Here is my GUESS at how things will work best.

Why not use a combination of All of the different media on your site to close the highest number of people? Video? YES! And, text and audio! Use them all.

It may be true that MOST people will respond to a video appeal. It is NOT true that ALL people will respond to a video pitch.

Keep that in mind.

Consult With Fred Gleeck

Want to get some advice DIRECTLY from me? Find out how I can help you (one-on-one) with YOUR business. The rates are surprisingly affordable!

5 Responses to “The Information Marketing Video Conversion Fallacy”

  1. Benjamin Warsinske on March 5th, 2011 4:21 am

    While video is gaining popularity, I almost prefer text due to the fact that some videos take forever to load or stop every 10 seconds. For me, it completely ruins the experience and makes me completely uninterested.

  2. Fred Gleeck on March 7th, 2011 12:20 am

    Ben, I agree. I wish the videos would allow you to ADVANCE it. Sometimes they BORE me!

  3. Ben Warsinske on March 7th, 2011 1:25 am

    Yes sometimes they bore me as well. Sometimes, when it is clear they haven’t prepared, it is just painful watching and waiting to get to the actual offer. I think if you are going to do a video, at least have it be professionally presented and edited. It is a huge first impression and can really ruin a brand’s perceived value.

  4. Fred Gleeck on March 7th, 2011 2:32 am

    Ben, I’m not sure I agree to that one. See my latest post. The MOST successful infomercial my ex-partner did was done with hand-held cameras for the most part. The reason why it WORKED was because of the AUTHENTICITY. That to ME is more important than “professionalism.”

  5. Ben Warsinske on March 7th, 2011 4:01 am

    Fred, I think spoke too generally. Yes, I agree you can do an effective casual approach- there is always an exception. To me- there is too much of that out there right- and a lot of it, like we talked about is not that effective.

    Good discussion- it’s always interesting to hear other viewpoints.

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