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The MOST Important Thing to Do AFTER Someone Buys an Info Product

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What to Do AFTER Someone Buys Your Info Product

Congratulations. Someone just bought one of your info products. The money is in your bank account. You’re all done, right?


The most important thing to do AFTER making a sale is to make certain that the product is USED. Think of yourself. You have just bought an info product. After buying it you get distracted and don’t start using what you just bought.

(If you’ve done this, you’re not alone. Most of us have done exactly the same thing.)

Now here’s the question: Will you buy ANOTHER product from that person? Most people won’t. Why? They’ll say to themselves: “I bought that other thing and never used it. Why should I buy something else until I’ve used what I bought back then?”

After making a sales of one of your info products, the next step is to make SURE that your customer starts using it.

If you’ve sold them a great product, that can only be a BIG positive. Why? Because if it’s a great product and it will give the buyer some great results. IF it generates them great results, they will be exceedingly happy. If they are super happy, they will then buy MORE from you.

If you’re with me so far, the answer is HOW to make that happen.

First, you’ll need to create a series of auto-responders for your product. They should be designed to get people to USE the product. Make sure to make it clear to people exactly what to do and when to do it.

Yes, some people won’t read the auto-responders you send them. True. If you want to carry this concept to the extreme, you may want to call (or have someone call them) to get them to take SOME ACTION!

Second, you’ll want to make the product itself super easy to get started using. A number of years back I got 3 huge boxes from a well known guru. It contained his “complete system” on how to do something. Frankly, I forget WHAT at this point!

I got back to him and suggested that he create a companion product to go WITH the BIG product. I told him to create a PRIMER that would be less intimidating and easy to start and use.

He did nothing with this suggestion.

Most folks who sell info products don’t CARE if you use their product. They have their money and that’s that for them. Bad idea. All that does is make you the FIRST sale. What about the next and the next one after that? Not gonna happen.

Regardless of the size or scope of the info product YOU put together, create a PRIMER or QUICK-START program for that item. It may be a bit more work, but it will get people to USE what they have just bought from you.

Thirdly and last, make the product itself STUPID-PROOF. If and when the buyer gets around to trying to make use of the product you sold them it should be easy to follow.

The VAST majority of info products that I cirque are virtually impossible to use. Why? Because they almost always skip steps. How do YOU avoid this happening to you? Get a Mr. STUPID (like me) to help you.

Find someone who will serve as the buyer/user’s advocate. Get them to “sit in” while you’re creating the info product to make sure that ANYONE can figure out HOW to do something.

The vast majority of subject matter experts skip steps. When you skip steps, the person who just bought your info product is now LOST. They don’t know what to do. They missed a step. What to you seemed trivial and unimportant just got them LOST.

Having someone ask you the questions that THEY would ask is crucial to creating a great product.

Follow these three suggestions and your info product will end up being a LOT better. AND, you’ll get a lot more orders from every customer!

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