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The MR. BIGSHOT Syndrome in Information Marketing

Information Marketing

If you sell information products you may have been taught to have limited personal, direct interaction with customers or clients. If this is the advice you got, it was WRONG, very WRONG!

I just got off the phone after trying to reach an author whose book I had personally moved over 200 copies of when it first came out. I really LOVED the book and thought the author brought up some brilliant points.

When I called his office, I was put on hold as his assistant spoke to him to explain my interest in speaking to him. I wanted to interview this individual about his book and about his thoughts for the future on the topic of publishing in general and digital publishing in particular.

Since I have a pretty decent group of people who follow me and my work, I could have exposed him and his organization to a lot of potential clients.

BUT, I didn’t know I had bumped into a MR. BIGSHOT. I have interviewed a lot more “important” folks than this guy and they ALL had direct contact with me by both phone and email.

I didn’t realize HOW important this person truly was. He was not willing (or able) to speak to me directly. This is moronic behavior.

If he could take the time to speak to his assistant about my phone call, he could have gotten on the phone for a couple of minutes. If AFTER speaking to me he thought I was NUTS, I would understand his lack of interest in being interviewed.

Over the years, I’ve been guilty myself of playing MR. BIGSHOT. In just about EVERY case it was a mistake. I lost out on a number of decent sized opportunities by behaving this way.

This was not my first dealing with the author. When the book first came out and I was touting it to my list and selling a bunch of copies for him, I also tried to make contact. I got the same kind of response back then. MR. BIGSHOT has not changed his stripes.

At least he’s CONSISTENT!

When the assistant got back on the phone with me after a couple minute conversation with our HERO, I was told to contact his PR agent, or some such nonsense.

Further investigation into his background reveals someone who had a pretty rough upbringing. Not being a psychologist, I can’t tell you if THIS was the reason for his behavior.

So, what about you? What about me? How should we behave in situations like this? Does that mean we should talk to every “screwball” who tries to get us on the phone or contacts us via email?

Certainly not.

BUT, if someone contacts you and seems MARGINALLY legit, it may make sense to grant them an audience. If only for a short time.

I know that I’ve changed my own pattern here. I’ve only experienced POSITIVE benefit from doing so. The less layers you have between you and your customers/supporters, the better off you’ll be.

Try to avoid being MR. BIGSHOT. It may make you feel self-important, but does nothing to help your bottom line.

Also, I won’t be recommending his book or any of his products from now on.

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