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The Next Wave Of Email Marketing

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The next wave of email marketing is going to mean far more business emails in our inboxes. Debra Ellis provides current statistics and forecasts in her post on Target Marketing this week:

“There are two shifts creating the need for change. The first is increased competition. According to the Radicati Group’s email statistics report for 2012 – 2016, 144.8 billion emails were sent in 2012. By 2016, that number is expected to increase to 192.2 billion. Business emails account for 61 percent of the emails today, increasing to 75 percent in 2016.

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The Next Wave Of Email Marketing

Consumer emails are decreasing. In 2012, 55.8 billion emails were sent. By 2016, consumer emails will drop to 48.4 billion. More marketing messages mean that company emails have to fight harder for recipients’ attention.”

I find these stats rather fascinating. It’s easy to understand the increase in business emails, but why the decrease in consumer emails?  I imagine it has to do with texting and instant messaging functions on phones and tablets. If we can communicate immediately we don’t need to wait for a reply to an email. Isn’t it hard to believe that email is becoming the old-fashioned, slow method of communication in some ways?

Ellis also reveals that Google is moving in the direction of adding emails to search results. (Better read that sentence again and let it sink in. I had to read her paragraph over a couple times before I got it.) Meaning, as Ellis puts it, “…saved emails will appear when people search the web for similar products or services.”

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