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The Power of Your Intentions To Market Information

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Intentions are never enough, but they are foundational to whatever comes next. If we don’t place our order, will we ever get our meal?  No. First, we have to know what we want to order, and then we have to order it (at a restaurant AND in the world). The power of your intentions to market information must come before everything else you do in your information marketing business.

I liked this commentary from Srinivas Rao of BlogcastFM, sent in an email to his list:

“Start a conversation that might change the world.

You know the one I’m talking about.

info marketing conversation

The Power of Your Intentions To Market Information

It’s the one you’ve been holding back on.

It’s the one you’re afraid you’ll be ridiculed for.

It’s the one where you’ll have to challenge a figure of authority.

It’s the one that scares you because the lie you’ve been living might end..

If the conversation changes one person’s life, then you’ve changed the world in some way.”

How do you feel about Rao’s comments above? Most of us, if we’re honest, experience at least a little bit of fear when we contemplate stepping out in the world and boldly starting conversations. It takes courage bring your intentions to life, to bring them alive in your real life, and to create information products with them. Information marketing is NOT for the faint of heart.

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