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If you’re in the information marketing business, the RIGHT domain name can be a HUGE asset. For a number of reasons, not least of which is the SEO value of the domain. Here is a recent email exchange I just had with someone regarding a domain name that I own:

First email from the “interested” party:

Hi, We want to inquire about the purchase of your domain name: We are a small development company and would like to use this name on one of our projects. Please let us know if you will sell the domain.

MY Response:

I’m a pretty sophisticated online marketer, but a CERTAIN price would always be considered. I am more interested in doing a lease deal or an ongoing percentage of revenue deal. Let me know your thoughts.

They responded:

I appreciate your reply. In order to move forward I must have a selling price from you in order to show to my boss. Hopefully you will come up with one. If you do, let me know what it is and I will be sure to give you a prompt reply.

MY Response:

Sorry, I’m a business person and never MAKE an offer. If your boss doesn’t like that, give him my sincere apologies!

That was the end of the exchange THUS far.

Here are some things I’d like to share with you.

1. Domain names are very valuable assets for you and your business. If you own one that is decent, you’ll know when someone offers to buy it from you. Don’t do ANYTHING before you understand how to evaluate the TRUE value of what you own. If you don’t, you may be CRYING when the deal is done.

2. Someone who approaches you to buy your domain name may NOT be the person who ultimately ends up with it. Smart buyers will RARELY show you who they are and OFTEN deal with a middle man to make this transaction.

3. Be prepared to BUY a domain name if the price is right. Again, it may be a VERY good idea to purchase the right domain IF you can get the right price for it. Contact me to learn more about how to evaluate whether to buy or sell a given domain name. There are a LOT of factors that go into making the RIGHT decision to EITHER buy or sell.

By the way, I am VERY suspicious of the email I got. I suspect a large company is having someone play this game to make me THINK I’m dealing with someone who really doesn’t have BIG plans for the domain in question.

If you market and sell info products, please be aware of the value of a domain name and how this interaction might happen.

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Get domains name cheaper than anywhere with 24/7 customer support.

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